Holiday Lights

  As long as I can remember my family and I would drive to a nearby town to see spectacular holiday light displays. These houses would have huge displays of lights and inflatable Santas and animals.  I remember how there would be a slow moving procession of cars traveling through this particular neighborhood to view…


Although these pictures are more just for fun than serious, I think they are cute. Mac loves to eat carrots and was fun to take pictures of. I like the contrast between his white fur and the wreath and stocking.


I like the contrast between Ollie’s white fur and the background.

The Identity Project

For my studio portraits, I chose to bring in my collection of film cameras. Although this is only one aspect of my personal identity, I think it represents my love for photography and for my collected cameras. Two of the cameras were my grandfather’s, and they have a lot of meaning to me. I chose…

Washington DC

  This past weekend I went to Washington DC to tour a college with my mom. I enjoyed taking pictures of the city.


Although this photo is simple, I like the different shapes of the shadows.